Microsoft Math Solver Review

Microsoft Mathematics is educational program which is used as a learning tool that helps to solve math and science problems.

Pros and Cons of service for solving mathematical problems


It provides instant answers, even to complex math problems; It provides a step-by-step explanation of the solution to the problem; The tool is free so that you won’t pay when accessing its services



          Options are available in many languages



The service doesn’t engage with individuals directly. You can only provide feedback about their services, and that all.


Presence of bugs

The tool doesn’t affirm that it can’t handle a task when it can’t. Moreover, it only states that there is an error, and that’s all. Therefore, it becomes difficult to determine whether you fed the wrong question or if the problem is in the software.

Our review about Microsoft Math Solver

Many students find it difficult to manage their school assignments. Microsoft Math solver is a few available tools to enable such individuals to manage their work efficiently. Below we have a quick review of Microsoft Math Solver. Then, read on to learn more about it and its operations!

Executive Summary About Microsoft Math Solver

Microsoft Math Solver is an online tool for assisting individuals in managing math assignments. It uses artificial intelligence to scan through a problem and presents the solution ASAP.
The software also provides options for different languages, and you won’t have to struggle if you are not an English native speaker. Besides, the software is free, and it can save you lots of money you’d have used to pay for online help.

A Brief Review About Microsoft Math Solver

Relying on such a tool doesn’t mean that you won’t experience some challenges. On the contrary, it provides quick math problem solutions but also has its flaws. So let’s read through to know more about the software.

What Is the List of Subjects Solved With Microsoft Math Problem Solver?

Microsoft math solver can handle:Pre-Algebra e.g.These are the mode, mean, Greatest Common Factor, Least Common Multiple, fractions, mixed fractions, exponents, radicals, prime factorization, and order of operations.AlgebraThe various math problems you can solve with the help of Microsoft Math Solver are as such:
1. Factor
2. Linear & Quadratic Equations
3. Matrices
4. Combine like terms
5. Inequalities
6. Expand
7. Solve for a variable
8. Evaluate factions
9. Trigonometry

Do you have any challenge in trigonometry that needs a quick solution? Microsoft Math Solver can simplify, evaluate and solve equations. In the process, it will present the graph to the problem.
Students who want to handle math problems on integrals, derivatives, or limits have the opportunity to do so by the use of this tool.

Who Is Suitable to Use Microsoft Math Problem Solver

Everyone can use this tool as long as you know what you are doing.

Is There Any Limitation on Who Uses Microsoft Solver Software?

The tool has bugs. Sometimes it doesn’t provide answers when it can’t understand the problem.

Online Reputation What People Say About the Service!

Clients’ rating is something you should always consider before relying on help from any online tool. By looking at the feedback platform, individuals are happy with Microsoft Math Problem Solver. Besides, many online reviews have it that the tool is ‘WOW’!

The UI

The app is easy to use. It understands every type of math problem you’ll present. Moreover, its AI is perfect as it can detect and present every operation relevant to the problem typed.

How Can We Rate The UI?

We can give it a 5-star review. Many clients provide positive feedback about the software. Any student from lower school lever to higher ones can understand the use of the calculator with ease.

Service Features

What are other benefits you can secure by accessing Microsoft Math Problem Solver?This software is available online and in the iOS App Store. You can download it, and you’ll be set to go.

Step-by-Step Solutions

The step-by-step solutions allow one to have a quick understanding of how to solve such problems.

International Language Support

Funny enough, you can get this app in any language that you wish. For instance, Hindi, German, Spanish, among many others.

How to Use Math Solver

When you click the link to Microsoft Math Problem Solver, it takes you straight to the calculator. Here is where all the operations happen. First, you’ll need to feed the problem on where it’s stated ‘Type a math problem’ for those using the English version. After, you can proceed to click the ‘Solve’ button for it to deliver the answer.

The Quality of Solving Math Problems

Since the tool delivers correct answers, you can present a quality math report to your tutors and earn better grades on your papers.  After downloading the desktop version, you won’t have to pay any other extra cost whatsoever. Microsoft Math Problem Solver has no pricing plans or renewal charges for this calculator.H2: Offers and Extra ServicesHow does the service work? Is there any relevant material to guide you on how to use the tool? Luckily, the app provides guidelines to students.

24/7 Online Help Center

You can send your feedback to their website at any time you wish.

EBooks and Bookmarking

You can save your history and create bookmarks if you want to. With such tech, you can easily monitor your performance each time.

Short Videos

Individuals can also access videos at the desktop version for tips on how to use the software. Be quick to do so to get the best of Microsoft Math Problem Solver.


Microsoft Math solver tool benefits individuals in many ways. With this Microsoft Math solver review, the tool plays a significant role in students, parents, and teachers. It’s upon you now to follow the right path in your career.

Real customer reviews about Microsoft Math Solver

Quentin Edwards

It is really good. It’s easy to function, and it’s easy to understand. But the only downside is, it shows you only three different ways how to do the problem but how I do it is different. but it still helps me. I recommend you download it😁

Jared Daniels

This is just an amazing app. It can solve anything from simple addition to tricky algebra. Definitely one of the best apps for homework/productivity.

Angelina Scott

Don’t write many reviews, but this gem is very deserving of one. Solves math problems. Tells you how to do them. And it gives you some practice questions. Brilliant. Way to go Microsoft!


Is Microsoft Math Safe?

Because it gives correct answers, you can also prove that Microsoft Math Problem Solver is a safe tool for students, teachers, and parents. With a step-by-step answer-delivering technique, any individual can improve their mathematic scores.


Is Microsoft Math Solver Legit?

Microsoft is international, and it provides services worldwide. So with that, you’ll have no doubts about the legitimacy of the calculator.

Would I recommend this service to someone?

Many people have proven that the tool is useful and can present accurate answers for every math problem. So, Yes! I would recommend it.

Is Microsoft Math Solver free?

The best thing about this app is that it’s free, and you can download it from any iOS or Android device. The only thing that you need is access to the internet, and you’ll be good to go.

How do you use Microsoft Math solver?

 Type in the math problem and hit the solve button. As easy as that! Again, be keen to select the subject or topic before you input data.

What is the best math problem solver?
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  • Solve4x. …
  • iMathematics. …
  • MyScript Calculator. …
  • PCalc. …
  • Scientific Calculator. …

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